Panels & Presentations

Panels run from 45 minutes to 1½ hours, including a Q&A segment at the end of the panel.  A standard projector with an HDMI connection is ideal for all panels and presentations. Panel run time can be shortened or extended upon request.

Anime & Animation

Making a Magical Girl.
What makes a magical girl? Aside from bravery, joy, and sparkles, there’s something else, too! Come explore what makes magical girls, common tropes that are explored in the genre, and how to create your own team of pretty soldiers.

Comicbooks & Comic Properties

Ask Me About My Feminist Comics Agenda.
Janelle Asselin, Tess Fowler, Chelsea Cain, Kelly Sue Deconnick…all these women, and so many others, deal with harassment, sexualization, and death threats every day, just because they like, and create, comics. But they won’t stop creating, and they’ve also all agreed that it’s our time to fight back. This is our feminist (comics) agenda.

Back to Riverdale.
Are you longing for comics that are about more than just punching? If you want to get invested in comics that are telling compelling stories with well-known accessible characters, you need to see what is happening with Archie Comics. Seriously.
Current Archie offerings, both in comics and television, maintain the distinct charm of their well-known characters, while bringing them into the 21st century, pushing the boundaries of “teen” comics, and even exploring the horror genre. In many ways, Archie is producing some of the most exciting content in pop culture today.

Comics are for Kids!… And Everyone Else!
Comics are for kids, right? Or are they just for adults, because, have you read the Watchmen? The thing is, comics are for everyone! This panel covers the best and brightest comics of today, which just happen to be kid-friendly, all-ages titles.

Comic Universes and You.
Do you enjoy the Cinematic Universes? Love the CW DCU? Angry at Zack Snyder? How do these movies relate to each other, and how do they relate to the comics?
The History of Women in Comics.
How did comic publishing begin? How did women fit in to the comics business? And were women ever really the target audience for comicbooks? The answer to these questions may surprise you. This panel explores the historical significance of female creators, characters, and fans in the evolution of comicbooks, from the Golden Age to today.
The Indie Comic Revolution.
Image is no longer a small, specialty publisher. Kid-focused companies like BOOM! and Action Lab are making lucrative deals with big name cartoons. Creators are finally getting credit for their creative energies. Independent webcomics are some of the highest grossing Kickstarters. This panel explores the rise of modern “indie” comics, the move away from superhero comics, and how creator-owned content is the future of the industry.
Make it Work: Costuming in Comics
Spandex and capes do not a hero make, but the costumes of comicbooks are a powerful medium for expressing a character’s personality and preferences. And when fashion goes beyond the tights, artists are able to interpret and experiment with other forms of presenting character. This panel offers a dissection of costume design, as well as reflection on the importance of fashion in comics.
Marvel Vs. DC.
The battle of the ages. Are you Marvelous or Distinguished? This panel offers a historical look at the comicbook giants, their publishing trends in the modern era, and the multi-media conglomerate that they have become, as well as examining the prospective future of superheroes as a genre.
Women in Comics.
It’s 2017, but women in comics are still struggling. From the cancellation of female-focused titles, to the continuing negative portrayal of women in comicbook movies, why can’t women seem to catch a break? But there are rays of hope, like the successful female-led TV series. Join us as we talk about the changes female characters and creators have face in the past year in superhero comics, film, and television.

Television & Film

Melissa McCarthy, Mad Max, and Magic Mike: Feminism in Film.
From big action blockbusters to slapstick comedy to more Oscar-worthy fare, there are some amazing things happening with women in film. Are we now in a golden age of feminism in films? Does Hunger Games promote this agenda? What about Black Widow? And what does Magic Mike have to do with it all?
No Diving: The Future of Adult Swim
From its beginnings as Cartoon Network’s weekend animation block to the modified stock footage cartoons that grew out of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, Adult Swim has become a unique and unusual sub-channel all its own. With programming now shifting towards subversive writing, campy live action, and creator-focused cartoons, Adult Swim is branching out even further. From April Fools to online exclusive content, explore where Adult Swim is heading in the Network-less modern era.

Tabletop and Roleplaying Games

Join the Zine Games Movement.
Everyone has an awesome game idea, but how can you make that idea a reality? Zine Games is embracing the idea of quick, digestible, easy to understand roleplaying games in a format inspired by the geeky fanzines of yore.  Come find out how Zine Games started, and how you can join Density Media’s growing movement!
Villainous Villains and Heroic Heroes in RPGs.
Roleplaying games are about roleplaying, but they are also about empowerment. Does your system of choice support Lex Luthor being an adversary for Superman? Does it support memorable heroic quotes, followed by awesome action? Come to this panel for a discussion on how to make sure you’re playing the right game, and how to best optimize your heroes and villains, in terms of game system.

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