Game Design

Ellie has created and contributed a number of characters, scenarios, and writing to RPGS for Spectrum Games and Density Media.

Hi-Ho! (2019)–co-creator.

Ekphrasis (2019)–co-creator.

Strings (2019)–co-creator.

Nice Monsters & Scary Sprites (2018)–co-creator.

Fishscale (2018)–editing.

Bring that Beat Back (2017)–contributing writer character design, editing, development.

Strong Island (2017)–contributing writer, character design, editing, development.

Dance ‘Til Dawn (2017)–editing, development.

Retrostar (2015)–contributing writer, editing, development.

CC&VF Gallery of Evil (2013)–contributing writer, character design, editing, artwork.

Capes, Cowls and Villains Foul (2012)–contributing writer, character design, editing, development.

Works in Progress

Let’s Make A Mary Sue (delivering in 2020)–co-creator.
“A cooperative party game about reclaiming the internet insult of ‘Mary Sue’ and making the coolest, most op character ever.”

Best Friends Forever! Magic Adventure Sparkles and Hugs (upcoming)–co-creator.
“Inspired by the girls cartoons of the 80s and 90s, BFFS! MASH is a combination of slumber party games, kid-friendly adventures, and defeating evil with friendship and hugs!”

If you are interested in playtesting one of Ellie’s upcoming games, having her run a campaign at your event, or finding out more about one of the above games, fill out the Contact Form!